Producer, Audio Engineer

Professional Experience
Podcasts New York 2020
  • The Hockey Minute - (in production Jan 2020-Now) – Producer/Audio Editor - Sound design, editing, mixing, audio cleanup, mastering, music.
Films New York/Edinburgh/London, UK | 2014- Current
  • Izzy (in production - short film, drama) – Sound design, mixing, audio cleaning, mastering. (2019)
  • The Evolution of Dan Dillinger (in production, short film, documentary) – Audio cleaning, mix, mastering. (2019)
  • University of Edinburgh Informatics (3 20-minute films) – Composer, mixing, mastering. (2018)
  • Leo Hendry (feature length, documentary)– Audio cleaning (salvaging damaged audio), mixing, mastering. (2018)
  • Sword Makers Apprentice – (5 episodes, documentary Youtube series) - producer, mixing. (2016-2018)
  • Luminescence – (short film, abstract) – for Edinburgh Short Film Competition – Composer, recording, mixing. (2015)
  • Shwarma (short film, musical) - for the Glasgow 48 hour film festival 2015 – composer. Won ‘best score’. (2015)
  • Decisions (short film, drama) – for the New Hope film festival. Won audience choice award. Composer, post production supervisor (oversaw recording sessions, sound design, SFX design, mixing, mastering).
  • Edinburgh Composers Orchestra - post production (mixing/mastering) for 2014-2017 (6 albums).
  • Burning City Orchestra – post production supervisor (assisted mastering) for debut release. (2014-2015)
  • Adrienn Kantor Flute and Piano CD – mixing/mastering. (2016)
  • Kyle Ritolo Solo piano work recording – recording/editing/mixing/mastering. (2016)
  • Edimpro – mixing for digital release. (2015)
  • Downtown Folk Company EP – Composer, assisted mixing and mastering. (2013)
  • Alice – Composer, producer for 35 minute ballet DVD release (2012)
  • Rowan University Band – Bass player, assistant to the mixer. (2008)
  • Spoolie Girl (off Broadway show) New York | 2018 - Audio Engineer for Off Broadway show - Stepped in to set up and run show on 1 day notice.
  • Edinburgh Science Festival Edinburgh, Scotland | 2014-2016 - Composer/Producer of Lost in Space (“What is it like to be human in a vast and violent universe?”).Over 30 performances (+3000 total audience), I composed/produced, collaborating with Regius Professor Andy Lawrence (Royal Observatory) and Scottish Chamber Orchestra at a world leading science festival. Wrote computer software to run the show (mix/route live audio and trigger sound effects) using MaxMSP. Audio engineer for shows, ran recording session, all mixing/mastering.
  • Requiem for Edward Snowden Edinburgh | 2018 - Scored and assisted composer and producer Matthew Collings with Requiem for Edward Snowden (2016-2018). Three shows including Edinburgh and Amsterdam.
  • Spoken Spaces Edinburgh | 2016 - Music director and composer (of Stone Lands) for Spoken Spaces at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (5 shows). Conducted, set up/ directed rehearsals, liaised with venue.
  • Lunar Splendor – Music Director (Conductor/Arranger) New York | 2011 – 2012 - Directed rehearsals for Lunar Splendor at the Lincoln Center Rose Theater in New York City (2011). Conducted a 60-person choir at performance in the Skirball Center for performing arts (2012).
2018 Won – Scottish New Music Awards: Education Project of the Year
Certified by the UK Higher Education Academy – Associate Fellowship
Winner of Emre Araci Composition Prize
Winner of New York University Symphony Orchestra Composer in Residence
Winner of Rowan University Orchestra’s Soloist Competition: Composition