Passing Security+

Finally after a year of on/off studying, I passed the CompTIA Security+ exam.

For a quick overview, before I started studying, I used TryHackMe, took most of Jeremy’s IT CCNA course, and took David Bombal’s Intro to Ethical Hacking course on Udemy.

I started studying for the Sec+ by taking Jason Dion’s course on Udemy – I found it really dense and a lot of it seemed overkill. I took about half the course, and then switched to using Professor Messer’s videos.

These videos are really jam packed – I took very extensive notes and still missed things. It took me about 2 months of light study to finally get through his video course. After I started taking practice tests, if there were things I didn’t remember, I went right back to these videos.

Even after that, there were a few concepts I didn’t fully get, so for those I used this video course:

It comes at the material from a slightly different angle, and between Messer and InsideCloud it covers all of the material.

The next thing I did was prepare for the Practice Based Questions (PBQs) – I had 3 on my test. This channel was GREAT for understanding what to expect:

Lastly, there is a VERY extensive acronym list that must be learned – I think it was around 325 acronyms. For that, I made Anki Flash Cards. I used the full acronym list combined with ChatGPT to make the list. Then I used this site to convert to a format that Anki can read: – Then download the result (click the button at the bottom) and import into Anki.

Also, someone made a bunch of practice tests for Anki. They can be downloaded here:

And finally I took some Practice Tests. Well, a LOT of practice tests. This is what I used:

CompTia Security+ App (by Thanh Hung) and

If you’re reading this, you CAN do it! It’s extensive, but manageable. Good luck!